In-Person Events

Wellness Classes

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community
4401 Upton Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55410

Thur. Jan 10th
Thur. Feb 14th
Thur. Mar 14th
Thur. Apr 11th

Fee: $20 per class

I am offering a variety of classes designed to expose you to many different energy healing modalities and easy-to-use tools. Each class has a different focus designed to deepen your connection with all the amazing parts of yourself and beyond, from the inside-out.

You may of heard of chakras, energy meridians, your aura, or radiant circuits of joy, but want to know more. Learning in a group gives you plenty of time to have fun practicing on yourself, friends, and family.

New to, or curious about, energy healing? Learn and experience how energy medicine can become a powerful tool in cultivating new empowered choices about health, relationships, & financial issues.

Carving out this time for yourself can lead to the greatest rewards in your life.

Matrix Energetics & the Quantum Field

 What is the field of energy and information? How do we easily tap into the field to shift things in our life? Can a frozen shoulder really release instantaneously and if so how is that even possible? Catch the wave. We will refresh the beginning 2-point technique taught 9/18 at LHSC, and then add other fun ways of connecting and using the Quantum Field.

Share the Love as we experience the Brazilian Toe Technique!

The Brazilian toe technique can be a valuable energy tool. This technique is simple yet very powerful. It generally leaves the recipient feeling relaxed, calm, & supported, even after a short session.

The Brazilian Toe Technique uses acupressure points to promote deep relaxation while activating the release of toxins in the body. This simple method can help reduce emotional stress & imbalances, and overall physical pain & achiness. This technique can relieve restless leg syndrome, insomnia, nausea, and edema. It has also been used to reduces the side effects of chemotherapy & radiation.

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, or pillow so you can relax while experiencing this great technique.

Black Pearl Sanctuary

This technique is a wonderful combination of energy healing, calming, and meridian clearing. It is designed to relieve the brain & body of stress and deep-seated traumas.

This protocol assists triple warmer, & the primitive part of the brain, the hypothalamus (Black Pearl) to move out of negative fearful thinking, trauma & into a state of grace. This returns the body to a place of peace, safety & comfort.

The body becomes profoundly relaxed, opening the way for its organic self-healing abilities to flow. This calming technique effectively relieves chronic worrying, removes fearful thinking and resets the nervous system to restore flow of energy and well-being to the body.

As a reminder you may want to bring a pillow, blanket or yoga mat so you can be comfortable.

Radiant Circuits of Joy

Are you wanting to experience more happiness and joy in your Life? Activating the positive energies naturally carried in your Radiant Circuits can fill you with a deep sense of optimism and gratitude.

It is easy in today’s stressed out life style for your Radiant Circuits to become compromised. Your Radiant Circuits are designed to move in all directions. They jump from one energy system in your body to another to coordinate and balance your body’s energies. Their job is to keep your energy systems in harmony and working together to keep you healthy and radiant. This energy system also expand your intuition and psychic abilities.

Experience how to keep your mind and body hyper-linked in the energy of health, happiness, and Joy. You will learn easy energy techniques that will enhance and strengthen your Radiant Circuits of Joy!

Group Healing Night

Group Healing Night, will focus on using what we have already learned in past Energy Medicine Classes.
Together we will facilitate some amazing group healings for everyone present.

Bring and open mind, your aches or pains, your emotional challenges, and let's just see what happens.  

Don't worry if this is you first class, or you don't think you can remember what you learned
 in other classes. We will start with a quick review, then break into groups, and have fun.

As a reminder you may want to bring a pillow, blanket or yoga mat so you can be comfortable.

Energy Testing: Art and Science

Have you ever wondered what energy testing, muscle testing, or kinesiology are all about?  Just what are you testing and why? Is it accurate? Can anyone learn?  Carol has been using energy testing to tap into client's innate wisdom for 20 years. During this class she will teach you the basics of testing. You will have plenty of time to practice during class. It truly is an art and science in a wonderful package that has helped hundreds of my clients, get healthy, shift to healthy eating for their body, and clear unwanted patterns.  Please bring several food items with you to practice testing with during class.

"Stepping Into Your Greatness"

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 4401 Upton Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55410  

  Sat. March 9th

   Fee: $60 prepay
           @door $75

Ready to make that leap and step into a higher frequency of
awareness? Ready to tune into your greatest potential that is on
the sidelines waiting for you to bring it in?

Join Carol Lovelee and Jay Peterson for a day filled with a variety of
experiences and education that can take you up to that next level of
connection with the greatest version of yourself! In the workshop
you will learn and experience:

• Releasing techniques for stuck energy
• Creating new patterns of resilience and empowerment
• Heart-opening healing practices
• Connecting with the quantum field of possibilities and a team
of energies designed to support you

Your greatness is waiting - step into it with both feet!

      Reiki I Class at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community

Curious about what Reiki is all about? Want to increase your intuitive Skills? Are you wanting to learn a hands-on healing modality? Then this Reiki I certification class is for you.

Reiki is a an amazingly simple, natural and safe method that everyone can use on themselves or others. Yet, it is powerful in it’s ability to promote healing. Reiki has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect.

For 25+ years, Carol, has successfully taught hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds, the beauty of Reiki. Join in Today and experience 1st hand what all the excitement is about!

Reiki Classes

Reiki I Class     Sat. June 8th, 2019,  9-5,   Fee: $150            
                      Lake Harriet Spiritual Community ,4401 Upton                          Avenue South, Minneapolis MN.

                    SAVE $20 with Early Registration by 5/31/19
                                  Special Code: YESREIKI

Reiki II Class    Sat. July 27th, 2019,  9-5,   Fee: $250
                      730 E 38th St, Suite #208, Minneapolis, MN

Recorded Events

Free Wellness Class

FREE Q & A Call with  Carol Lovelee ...Listen and Enjoy the Energy Processes used to start Turning Up Your Inner Wisdom.

Recorded Wellness Class

"Turning Up Your Inner Wisdom" includes 
4 Recorded Group Calls with Carol

 Class 1:  Human Connection   

Class 2:  Soul Connection     

 Class 3:  Divine Connection   

  Class 4:  Divine Path               

Free Wellness Class

FREE Q & A Call with  Carol Lovelee ...Listen and Enjoy the Energy Processes used to start Creating your Coherent HeartMind Field.

Recorded Wellness Class

"Coherent HeartMind" includes
4 Recorded Group Calls with Carol

 Class 1:  Sacred HeartMind Union
Class 2:  HeartMind Manifesting
       Class 3:  HeartMind & Soul Support     Class 4:  Divine Intuition