​Become Unstoppable! 

Awaken to Your New Life Now! 

See clearly how to create a life you love.

Surprising Energy Shifts: learn how to feel comfortable with unexpected new outcomes - and how you can best benefit from them.

Tips, Tricks, & Tools: discover the best tools to quickly uncover and free any past energy blocks & reset your focus on joyously welcoming the new. 

Easy to Follow Along: simple, step-by-step energy techniques to help you create amazing life changes that boost your joy and comfort like never before.

Are you ready to radically transform your Life?

New Series Starts October - November 

We'll be focusing on creating a solid foundation by shifting your outer habits
that are keeping you stuck, while diving deeper into connecting with
your own Higher Self to establish stronger intuition
and flow in your every day life.


4 weekly live 60 minuete calls

Daily Energy Transmission for 28 Days

Weekly email guidance and instuructions

Private Facebook Group

Join this expansive program if you ready to expand like never before.

Weekly Live Calls

Once a week we will have a Live group call that will include clearings and activations, as well a Q&A. You will learn why you struggle to make progress or manifest what you want, and we will clear many of these patterns. Then you will decide what you want to CREATE with specific guidance on exactly What To Do that will take you there!We will be focused on learning to consciously create with greater ease and grace.

When you change your energy, put the dates here!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will be part of a Amazing Community that will Inspire, and Support you to manifest Happiness, and Abundance, in whatever form that takes for YOU! Calls will be recorded and available to download, so if you can’t make the live call you won’t miss out!

Daily Energy Support

You will have energetic support transmitted to you daily. Each day, Carol will address what is most beneficial for the group. These transmissions will help clean up your energy field and release old patterns of suffering that keep you stuck in the cycles of your problems. This energetic support will enhance your process and support your new life style. With a few new tools to calm the chaos you will be able to spend more time creating a life you love. Enjoy!

The daily energy transmissions are done each evening from October  to November  at 7:30pm (Eastern) and last about 15 to 20 minutes.

You can sit in silence and tune in with Carol at that time if you like. It is Not necessary to do this in order to receive the energy, some people just like feel the energy in real time.

Weekly Emails

This is where the change happens. It requires your active participation and willingness to be mindful throughout your day. Each week you will get email instructions and guidance that will help you focus in the direction you want to go. These instructions are your homework, the part where YOU take action to create what you want! You will spend a few minutes each day doing simple things that will change the course of your day – and your life.

Weekly emails will be sent at the beginning of each week.

These exercises are easy and fun, but incredibly effective. You will be rewiring your brain and changing the chemistry of your body to create a better feeling “normal” that will bring clarity in ways you’ve never experienced before. From an energetic perspective, you will be raising your vibration and embodying higher frequencies.

Private Facebook Group

The Facebook Group is the place for you to share your Experiences, Improvements, Progress, and Synchronicities. Anything that made you Laugh or Smile, the moments you are Appreciating, and all of the wonderful and amazing things that are happening for you.

Carol will be actively participating on this page and you will also learn a lot through everyone’s interactions here. This is where we get to know each other and become friends. In this group we’re a family supporting each other to "Become Unstoppable" and become our best selves. For many, the privilege of this special group experience is by itself worth the price of the series.

What People Are Saying

Sue B.

“"My work with Carol has helped me stop searching outside for answers that could only be found inside myself. I have connected with a side of my self that I didn't know existed. I feel so much safer and at home in my own body then ever before. Life just keeps getting better now that I am in charge.”

Barbara B.

“I have known Carol for almost 6 years. In the beginning the idea that you can change your energy field was a very new concept for me. Now I change and balance my energy field all the time, and I have Carol to thank! The class on “Tuning Up Your Inner Wisdom” let me feel my soul, and the insights I gained during the heart opening exercise were truly amazing & healing.”

Donna M.

“"Carol's classes are amazing- the information given was so helpful in explaining the craziness going on now; and the visuals for the process of clearing out the old 3D energy and integrating the new 5th dimension are absolutely wonderful. They will be used again and again. Carol’s own energy has recently shifted to a much higher plane - and being in touch with it just makes me feel JOY that I have not felt, ever. It gives me true hope of a much brighter future filled with possibilities! And that is a HUGE change for me, Thank you Carol!!!"

Abigail T.

"Carol helped me to tap in and discover the root causes from childhood experiences that became imprinted on my cells contributing to my dis-ease . I have Bloomed into vibrant health with Carol's healing support."

Join in on the fun and create with us the life you have been yearning to have. 

Become Unstoppable!

*Live Events are non-refundable*

By signing up for this event you agree to the Terms and Conditions.  

The private Facebook group is gifted to those who join the program in order to offer additional support. To maintain the integrity and intention of the group, you must follow the rules of the page. Those that don’t follow the rules will be removed at any time during or after the program.  

This series is about empowering you. It requires active participation to see results. There is no guarantee that you will be able to do it, as this is highly dependent on each individual’s commitment and innate abilities. Everyone has some level of ability, so the goal is to help you cultivate yours.   

This series requires taking personal responsibility, fully participating, and taking action to make the changes in your live that you would like to manifest.

Only those who sign up will receive the daily energy transmissions, clearings and activations.  I specifically connect with each of you for those. So, if you want your friends to share the adventure of this program with you, invite them to join for themselves. I appreciate your consideration and understanding. Each person in our group contributes to the whole. I look forward to having each of you on this journey with me. All course material and recordings, in whole and in part, are under copyright by Carol Lovelee.