In-Person Events

Carol is Presenting at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community 9am service 1/12/20

“The Magical Vibes of 2020”

What a gift to be in a collective energy with all of you during a rare alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn on 1/12/20. This only occurs once every 735 years and carries life-changing, transformative energy, that will play a role in shaping the entire year and beyond. This energy will mark the ending of an era, and the birth of a new paradigm with respect to both individual and collective power and resources.

To Celebrate I will share a few tidbits about this event & the Quantum Energies of January 2020. These energies are calling each of us to build new foundations personally and globally, for the next decade and beyond.

I will also lead a guided meditation building a safe collective energy to experience these amazing new quantum magical vibes. New Year, New Decade, New Month, New Quantum Energies pouring onto the planet now. We will be experiencing this together… on a day that many are reporting as one of the most significant cosmic energy events we will experience in our lifetime!

Say YES, and Let the Magic Begin!

"Quantum Healing"

Minneapolis, MN specifics sent when you register 

Mon. Jan 13th
Mon. Jan 27th 
Mon. Feb 10th
Mon. Feb 24th
Mon. Mar  9th
Mon. Mar 23rd

   Fee: $150 

"This is the Third time I am offering this class. If you you missed out
 on the 1st or 2nd one, you are in the right place to join in on the fun"

Third Quantum Healing Class!  

Over the years I have incorporated many different protocols into what I now consider Quantum Healing.  After exposing students to the several of the basic concepts of Quantum Healing, including Richard Bartlett's Matrix Energetics, I have been asked by students to teach a more in-depth training.

I have decided to provide a small ongoing class, very specific to Quantum Healing.  We will focus on how to manifest energy shifts using the field of all possibilities.

We are all making conscious or unconscious choices in ever moment that affect our health, finances, relationships, and well being. What if you learned to tap into the field in ways that shifted and enhanced your life?  What if you were part of an on-going group energy that increased the potentials of these new shifts and possibilities?

If this has peaked your curiosity, sign up now. The first 8 people to say YES are in for an incredible journey.

This will not be a drop in class. It is only for those who commit to the ongoing closed group. The class includes 6 sessions, on Monday's, 7-9, the fee is $150. Class dates are Jan 13, Jan 27, Feb 10, Feb 24, Mar 9, Mar 23. The specific location for this class will be sent to participants once you have signed up.   

Quantum Healing"

Minneapolis, MN specifics sent when you register 

Wed. Jan  15th
Wed. Jan  29th 
Wed. Feb   5th
Wed. Feb  19th
Wed. Mar  4th
Mon. Mar 18th

   Fee: $150 

"Quantum Healing is a Prerequisite for Advanced Quantum Healing."

Advanced Quantum Healing Class!  

Now that you have explored many of the new aspects of the quantum field, it is time to take your journey into the Quantum to the next level.

In this Advanced class you will also be experiencing techniques to open your heart and all of your beautiful intuitive gifts. The energies of 2020 and beyond are encouraging you to upgrade our intuition, while consciously choosing to open your heart and totally embody our Soul and High Self.

You will also learn and experience your Multidimensional Team. We will be inviting and getting to know these amazing helping energies in a way that assists you in becoming more of your authentic self while receiving seen and unseen energetic assistance.  

By saying YES you are in for another incredible journey

Like the previous class this will not be a drop in class. It is only for those who commit to the ongoing closed group. The class includes 6 sessions, on Wednesday's, 7-9, the fee is $150. Class dates are Jan 15, Jan 29, Feb 15, Feb 29, Mar 4, Mar 18. 

Tuesday Group Meditation at
 Lake Harriet Spiritual Community
4401 Upton Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55410

Carol Leads: the 1st Tuesday of every month

Find Your Calm: The Magic of Meditation

Whether you’re a seasoned inner traveler or new to your journey, it is my desire to support and encourage your meditation practice. When you show up with pure intent to learn, grow, and connect, the universe reaches out with millions of little hands to support you.

During the meditation you will learn how to give your busy mind a vacation, so you can deepen your connection to the wisdom of your heart. You will learn to safely travel multi-dimensionally through the cosmos, knowing you will always be returning home to our open heart.

This approach to meditation strengthens the connection to your inner knowing, intuitive abilities, your multidimensional team of guides, and the quantum field of all possibilities. It is my hope that through your meditation practice you will gain access to more joy and meaning, both in meditation and in life.

When you practice meditation in a group there is a synergy which enlivens the quantum field. The power of pure intent and healing, is far more effective when cultivated in a group meditation. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to experience what group synergy can help you manifest in your life.

My personal meditation practice has evolved over the past 25 years. I have taken bits and pieces from my extensive studies. My eclectic approach uses visualization, breath work, color as frequency, mindfullness, sound and mantras, loving kindness, and movement meditation. I am also very inspired and intuitively guided by my spiritual team has I lead groups on amazing multi-dimensional adventures.

Carol has a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and has attended certification programs in Eden Energy Medicine, Matrix Energetics, Psychodrama and Creative Arts Therapy, EFT, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Past Life Clearings, and PTSD clearing.

“Sometimes the heart knows things the mind could never explain.” ~Ranjeet Singh

No registration required. Fee: $10

Reiki Classes

Reiki I Class     Sat. Mar 7th, 2020,  9-5,   Fee: $150            
                      Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN .

Reiki II Class    Jan 25th, 2020,  9-5,   Fee: $250
                      Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN

      Reiki I Class 

Curious about what Reiki is all about? Want to increase your intuitive Skills? Are you wanting to learn a hands-on healing modality? Then this Reiki I certification class is for you.

Reiki is a an amazingly simple, natural and safe method that everyone can use on themselves or others. Yet, it is powerful in it’s ability to promote healing. Reiki has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect.

For 25+ years, Carol, has successfully taught hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds, the beauty of Reiki. Join in Today and experience 1st hand what all the excitement is about!

       Reiki II Class

In Reiki II you learn ancient symbols that increase the amount of energy you can channel, work specifically with the emotional body, and do distance sessions. If you are ready to go to the next level this is the class for you.  Most Reiki Practitioners wait until they have completed Reiki II before using Reiki professionally.  

Wellness Classes

Lake Harriet Spiritual Community
4401 Upton Avenue South Minneapolis MN 55410

Thur. August 8th
Thur. Sept 12th
Thur. Oct 10th
Thur. Nov 14th
Thur. Dec 12th

Fee: $20 per class

I am offering a variety of classes designed to expose you to many different energy healing modalities and easy-to-use tools. Each class has a different focus designed to deepen your connection with all the amazing parts of yourself and beyond, from the inside-out.

You may of heard of chakras, energy meridians, your aura, or radiant circuits of joy, but want to know more. Learning in a group gives you plenty of time to have fun practicing on yourself, friends, and family.

New to, or curious about, energy healing? Learn and experience how energy medicine can become a powerful tool in cultivating new empowered choices about health, relationships, & financial issues.

Carving out this time for yourself can lead to the greatest rewards in your life.

Healthy Aura

Why do you need a healthy aura? Your Aura is your outer protective energy to the outside world. When you have a weak aura you are constantly taking on other people’s energy in a way that depletes you and wears you out. Come find out what’s presently going on with your Aura and how you can easy restore your Aura to Health.

Chakra Clearing

A Chakra is an energy vortex that brings energy in and sends energy out of your energy system constantly. These energy vortexes can collect all kinds of unhealthy energies. How can you clear out the energies that is not useful and replace them with balanced healthy energies?

This simple technique will help you to clear emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of your life. At the same time it is restoring balance to your Energy System.  Since this intake and output is constant in your life this technique will be a wonderful Healing Gift you can use for yourself and others.

As a reminder you may want to bring a pillow, blanket or yoga mat so you can be comfortable.

 Brazilian Toe Technique!

The Brazilian toe technique can be a valuable energy tool. This technique is simple yet very powerful. It generally leaves the recipient feeling relaxed, calm, & supported, even after a short session.

The Brazilian Toe Technique uses acupressure points to promote deep relaxation while activating the release of toxins in the body. This simple method can help reduce emotional stress & imbalances, and overall physical pain & achiness. This technique can relieve restless leg syndrome, insomnia, nausea, and edema. It has also been used to reduces the side effects of chemotherapy & radiation. 

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, or pillow so you can relax while experiencing this great technique.


Calm & Peace or Overwhelm & Exhaustion

In our culture, stress and anxiety responses, can be the result of a hyper-vigilant state of fight flight and freeze in our body. This is caused by the constant stimulation from our environment and lifestyle. It comes from excessive noise, light, electrical and magnetic energy, environmental toxins, and the demands we put on ourselves to do more and more in a shorter period of time and with less rest. Essentially we are “burning” out the body’s natural coping mechanisms through over stimulation.

What happens to our bodies when we can’t relax? We stay in an overstressed state most of the time. This causes physical and emotional effects that weaken our immune systems and produce lifestyle difficulties.

This class will teach you several energy techniques to calm your body and restore health and peace. If you are unhealthy, stressed, and overwhelmed this is a great class for you.

Bring a yoga mat, blanket, or pillow so you can relax while experiencing these great technique.

Group Healing Night

This fun "Group Healing Night" will be during the powerful 12/12,
 Divine Energy Portal ~ of Peace, Abundance, and Love.
 This is simply a perfect holiday gift you will be sharing with the group.

We will focus on the 12/12 energy, and the techniques you have already learned
 in past Energy Medicine Classes.

Together we will facilitate some amazing group healings for everyone.

  Bring and open mind, your aches or pains, your emotional challenges,
 and let's just see what happens has we all put our intentions on healing.

Don't worry if this is your first class, or if you don't think you can remember what you learned

 in other classes.  We will start with a quick review, then break into small groups,
 and have fun basking in the 12/12 energies of Peace, Abundance and Love.


As a reminder you may want to bring a pillow, blanket, or yoga mat so you can be comfortable.

Matrix Energetics & the Quantum Field

What is the field of energy and information? How do we easily tap into the field to shift things in our life? Can a frozen shoulder really release instantaneously and if so how is that even possible?

  Matrix Energetics gives us the tools to notice what is already available, what the body already knows.
We learn to drop into zero point and connect with the waves of information in the matrix or holographs of the universe. Here is where we can tap into the infinite possibilities for change. In short a frozen shoulder can easily choose movement, and grief can choose to dissolve into peace.

Catch the wave. We will refresh the beginning 2-point technique, and then add other fun ways of connecting and using the Quantum Field.

As a reminder you may want to bring a pillow, blanket, or yoga mat so you can be comfortable.

Recorded Events

Free Wellness Class

FREE Q & A Call with  Carol Lovelee ...Listen and Enjoy the Energy Processes used to start Turning Up Your Inner Wisdom.

Recorded Wellness Class

"Turning Up Your Inner Wisdom" includes 
4 Recorded Group Calls with Carol

 Class 1:  Human Connection   

Class 2:  Soul Connection     

 Class 3:  Divine Connection   

  Class 4:  Divine Path               

Free Wellness Class

FREE Q & A Call with  Carol Lovelee ...Listen and Enjoy the Energy Processes used to start Creating your Coherent HeartMind Field.

Recorded Wellness Class

"Coherent HeartMind" includes
4 Recorded Group Calls with Carol

 Class 1:  Sacred HeartMind Union
Class 2:  HeartMind Manifesting
       Class 3:  HeartMind & Soul Support     Class 4:  Divine Intuition