Wellness Classes

Do you have a desire to get well and stay well?

Would you like a positive, collaborative relationship with your body’s inner wisdom?

Would you like to know the how and why behind ancient and modern day energy healing that facilitates wellness and enhances your ability to manifest your desires? 

You are used to living your life based on what our mind feels is “right or wrong” “good or bad” for you. Unfortunately, the mind only derives it’s decisions based on the past.  In your wellness classes you will learn to calm the mind and develop a connection with the wisdom of your heart, your innate, and your soul.  Living a life with your mind and heart collaborating, guided by your internal wisdom, is called Wellness. 

Will your life change?  Yes!  You will now have the your whole team reminding your body to heal.  You will feel more alive confident, and creative.  Amazing opportunities will spontaneously manifest.  Carol will be supporting and guiding your process.  You will discover the tools that work best for your unique journey.  If you need specific assistance you may find that a private session gives you the insight you seek.       

You can join in on the fun from the comfort of your own home using either a phone line or internet connection.  Each class has a focus area.  Classes begin with Carol’s insights, energy transmissions, or activations.  You will be able to interacts and ask questions in the second half of the call.  You must register to attend both free and paid calls.  Carol does one free call a month.  Sign up below so you don’t miss out.    

Once you have some new tools life will just get easier.  Join others, just like you, and begin enjoying better health, relationships, finances so you too can live the life you love! 

Find the schedule of all upcoming, and recored classes on the Events page. Click Here.

Carol loves to share and teach others to come fully on board with their own self Healer!

Reiki Certification

Carol has passed on the ancient healing modality of Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master~Teacher levels since 1996.

Reiki I class includes the history, instructions, traditional hand positions, and a Reiki I attunement to the healing energy of the universe, manual & certificate.

Reiki II class includes detailed information and instructions on incorporating three of the ancient symbols into your practice, Reiki II attunement, manual & certificate.

Carol passes in the Reiki Master~Teacher certification on an individual basis. Reiki Master~Teacher includes four master level ancient symbols, instructions on implementing student attunements, class observation, Reiki Master attunement & certificate.

Reiki is the first energy modality Carol studied.  In her first class she felt incredible energies flowing out of her hands, into her body and even in the room.  She knew on some level she had experienced these sensations before. She felt like she was home.  At the time she lacked the wisdom to understand this amazing experience. Carol loves sharing this beautiful healing modality!  

Seminars & Conferences

Carol has worked closely with doctors, teachers, social workers, and therapist who are successfully integrating energy techniques into their traditional practice.  The client benefits include decreases symptoms such pain and inflammation, improved sleep, and emotional clarity and balance. Those working specifically with children, have many encouraging reports and are astonished with the often quick results. 

Business were Carol has consulted have reported enhanced creativity, increased productivity, and positive chances in the overall well-being in the workplace.

Carol has 25+ years working within the medical community.  She has assisted in raising the awareness of Holistic approaches and given practical methodologies for incorporating various energy techniques within the traditional health care industry. She has presented in hospitals, consulted on difficult cases, and provided patient sessions. In the Albany, Troy, Schenetady area several local doctors, hospitals, & clinics now provide Holistic Health Care for their patients.

Carol is available to provide in-services, consultation, and conference presentations

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