Quantum Energy Balancing Sessions

Crystal Balancing Protocol

Sessions can be related to your unresolved health issues, relationship dynamics, work or financial challenges, home and property clearings, and spiritual expansion. Every session is unique and intuitively guided to assist and support you. I know this is a lot of reading but I didn’t want you to miss out of what this energy broadcast system can assist you with, in your life!

Crystal Balancing Protocol sends balancing energy frequencies, to all of life, using the quantum field of all potentials. It utilizes a Brass Plate Overlays and programed crystal clusters to broadcast balancing frequencies through the quantum field toward a specific target. Energy testing or dowsing are also used with this modality. This system is being used to restore a healthy balance in humans, animals, food, water, and the earth. Some shifts with this Quantum energy modality are more immediate and others are subtle or internal and happen over time.

How can this modality help you…Your energy sessions are designed to help you expand and re-calibrate your subtle energy systems so you can feel centered, relaxed, and confident. Your body’s innate wisdom is always attempting to bring balance to your energy system to promote health & well-being. These sessions can be in-person or using Zoom, Facetime, or Skype, from the comfort of your home,

Retraining your energies to a balanced, healthy flow will help you move you from confused, unwell, and tired to vibrant, happy and at peace. When you feel better, are rested and  nourished, you are naturally just happier & content with your life.

What happens during a session… This protocol uses energy testing or dowsing to discover what energies are out of balance in your life; including your health, emotions, and busy mind.  These unbalance energies may be causing a disruption in your emotions, a health issue, or feelings of chaos & confusion in your life.

Next we energy test the frequencies that are needed to restore balance in your energy, body, and life. With this information we can use a hub of programed energy tools and crystal clusters to send vibrations through the quantum field to you. These frequencies will help restore balance in the places that have been carrying disruption in your energy field.

In order to be healthy and vibrant we all need a healthy balance energy field. Your field is made up of a subtle energy system that sends and receives energy from the world around you all day long. The programed energy tools and crystals are simply sending new specific higher frequencies of energy to you. This can help you restore balance, calm, and health. 

What do you need to do… the beauty of this modality is in the simplicity. You don’t really need to do anything. Using your picture and birthdate the quantum field connects you with the frequencies & shifts that are being broadcast specifically to you. Of course if you make an intention to accept the energy, and are grateful for the shifts you start to feel and see, it works even better.   

What kind of shift can I expect… Like many things in life there are know guarantees in how you will perceive the energy frequencies or even the changes in your life. What many have witnessed is; feeling more peaceful, more energy to get through the day, decreased pain levels, healthier digestion track, feeling lighter, better sleep, physical symptoms you may have had for years improving. Healthier relationships and stronger connections with family, friends, and coworkers. A general feeling of peace and calm and well-being.

What about Covid, can this help… Once again there are know guarantees with even a simple cold will improve, yet many have improved from Covid symptoms, often quickly. I have also been impressed with this modalities ability to rebalance symptoms after one has been administered one of the Covid vaccines. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me if you have or have not had the vaccine, what matters to me is whether the side effects are keeping you from health and vitality. If so let’s make some attempt to shift those symptoms.

The last part of the vaccines that have been addressed by this system is the shedding from vaccinated people to unvaccinated people including children. Again I know many would say that the shedding isn’t real. I am not here to prove or disprove, just to help address and shift the symptoms when needed. This whole Covid agenda of who is right and who is wrong rabbit hole has kept many from receiving the help they need. If you have a question about how this may have affected your health please ask.

What about your food, water, home, property… There are also protocols that can help you clear your food, home and property of challenging energies. There is a whole host of toxic energies affecting the health of our food, water, air, home plants, & soil. Just recently I lived for a brief time close to a transmitter for a business near my home. I felt so much better as soon as I moved. We can’t always move, and we can’t always secure water and food that is as vibrant and healthy as our body needs. We are also constantly being bombarded by Electrical Magnetic Frequencies, EMF’s from our cell phones, computers, microwaves, TV’s, it is all around us and affects our healthy vibration every day.

You can purchase a programed crystal that can assist in clearing toxins from  your water and food. It also raises the vibration of the food and water in a way that promotes a healthy body. Thirty minutes after you bring food into your home it can be a much higher vibration. 

You can also purchase a programed Food Blessing Card that is part of the system.  You can put the card under your cell phone cover to assist in raising the vibration of your food, if you are away from home. You could simply place it close to your plate for several minutes before you eat your meal. You can also add an EMF neutralizer to the Food Blessing Card to assist in decreasing the ongoing challenges on your body and your life from these disruptive EMF vibrations. You can also use the EMF neutralizers on your computer and tablets. 

We can also use the coordinates of your property to clear challenging energy that may be disrupting your health, emotions, and even sleep patterns. 

Sounds to good to be true… I hear you. I am not easily impressed when it comes to energy modalities. I have studied many, dabbled with many more. What I do know to be true is that when we drop into the zero point field of love in our hearts and connect with the Quantum Field of all potentials & possibilities around us, that is when the magic happens. I have watched the magic happen for me and others using this modality and I am impressed. Know guarantees, due to the human factor and your free choice, but impressed I am. I shared a few tidbits about my journey in this blog post “Can Crystals Help Us Heal”.

What’s next…Your energy sessions is designed to help you clear, re-calibrate, and expand your subtle energy systems so you can feel centered, relaxed, healthy and vibrant. Will it happen overnight? Maybe, all potentials are available to us. What I witnessed for myself was a gradual shift toward health with a long term physical challenge, that know other modality, that I know about, shifted. That is also what I am witnessing with my clients, gradual progress. The process is much more efficient once the toxins in your world have been addressed and decreased first. 

After decreasing the toxic energies from you energy field, the next focus is on retraining your energies to the highest and best for your healthy vibrant life style. This will help you move from confused, unwell, and tired to vibrant, happy and at peace. Remember energy testing and dowsing are used to guide this process. Even if you don’t know what type of toxins and lower frequencies are affecting your health and life, the testing will guide the process.

Often times we feel like something unknown, or some illness has stoled our life. Maybe you sad, angry, or just worn out. Maybe it is time to trust that there just might be a way to shift the disruptive energies in your life back into a healthier vibrant balance. Maybe everything doesn’t have to be hard. It might not happen overnight. Yet it just might happen, with a bit of faith, and the desire to change what isn’t working for you.

Imagine, feeling healthier, responding to life’s situations with a calm inner peace.  This can happen once you’ve set down the weight of what you don’t want, that you have carried on your shoulders. Then you have the energy and clarity to choose differently.  If you are ready you can book an appointment here. 

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