Is your Heart saying...Yes!

Are you ready for ease and grace to become your best friends, while your heart leads the way.

In-depth journey into the HeartMind & Soul Connection explored previously in the "Turn Up Your Inner Wisdom" Program.

"Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, your right."
Why not believe you can!

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"Coherent HeartMind"  The Key to Living the Life You Love!

 Whether your goal  is to to make more money, get more love out life, or improve your health, the key to success is knowing how to navigate your hidden landscape while building your new life.  Carol's soul purpose is to assist you in creating the stronger higher vibrational energy needed to leave your everyday challenges in the dust, so nothing can hold you back from living the life you love! 

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This is for you if...

  • Your heart and mind aren't collaborating and manifesting Joy in your life?    
  • Your relationships, health, or finances still challenging you daily? 
  • Most importantly: If you want to value your mind, expand your heartmind connection, and activate the Soul… your life will just be easier and full of daily miracles.
  • You are ready to be unstoppable!

Coherent HeartMind 

This Program includes
4 - Live Group Calls!

Carol shared her amazing expertise, energy techniques, and energy activations on these
4 recorded Live, 1 hour, group calls

The energy transmissions and activations on theses calls will remain as live energy
and are available for everyone who listens. The energy actually increases
as more people listen and add their vibration to the
live field of energy already on each call.

 Group Calls 

Call 1     Sacred HeartMind Union       Carol provides you with the wisdom on why and how to connect your heart and mind in a sacred union.  This connection will expand your heart and mind in a coherent field or joy and love.  Have you ever wondered why life always seems so hard?  Could it be that your mind isn't always telling you the truth?  It might seem like you are always paddling upstream, instead of going with the flow. What if instead, you acknowledged your Mind's mission, loved it for keeping you safe, and developed a new mission that included your heart's inner guidance. 

Call 2  HeartMind Manifesting   Carol covered the many benefits your Coherent HeartMind can assist you with in your daily life. Once your heart and mind are creating on the same page, you will have the ability to shift things that have been stuck, outdated, holding you back with more ease and grace. Do you want financial security, vibrant health, loving relationships, and more peace in your life? Carol shows you how your Coherent HeartMind can help you magnetize what you really want into your life.

Call 3   HeartMind & Soul Support  Carol covered the many benefits of HeartMind & Soul support.  Do you believe you are not allowed to ask the Divine for support in manifesting relationships, money, health or resources?  Or that it’s not spiritual to ask? Have you felt alone, finding it very difficult to manifest and navigate life?  What if all along Divine has had your back and is cheering you on. The New Earth Energies are here to support you in ways they haven't been able to in the past. They want you to succeed and live a fun life.

Call 4      Divine Intuition  Carol will assist you in reconnecting with your Divine Intuition.  Have you felt alone, finding it very difficult to manifest and navigate life? Have you always felt that spirit or angels or some higher energy was around you, but you haven’t known how to tune in for guidance.  Would you like your intuitive gifts to become even stronger but you don’t know how?  Tune in as we experience the heart, mind, soul and intuitive connection in a very powerful process meant to remove any old fears so you can successfully attune your inner knowing to your divine intuition.   Learn to tune into divine guidance, so you too can get on with what you really came here to do.       

Coherent HeartMind 4-Live class series available now as downloadable mp3's!

Happiness and Freedom are choice, not chance.
 This is your time to step into your new life! 

Live Your Life Without Having to Wonder What is Wrong or Constantly Trying to Fix Yourself.

You will learn practical proven methods to:

Connect with your inner guidance .  This will help you to align more with your life's path, your soul's purpose.  

Connect with your spiritual team at the quantum level .   We have always been supported by quantum energies we have called angels, spiritual guides, animal guides, and creator energy.  When you learn to tap into this wonderful resource you will receive pearls of wisdom, insights, and spontaneous miracles. 

Clear and raise your personal vibration .  Raising your energy vibration allows you to achieve new levels of health and vitality, financial freedom, and peace filled relationships.

Experience greater sense of Peace and Calm.   You will let go of worry, anxiety, and stress you are so used to living with.

Finding ME!

"My work with Carol has helped me stop searching outside for answers that could only be found inside myself.  I have connected with a side of my self that I didn't know existed. I feel so much safer and at home in my own body then ever before.  Life just keeps getting better now that I am in charge.

Sue B.

Intuitive Moment!

"Carol helped me to tap in and discover the root causes from childhood experiences that became imprinted on my cells contributing to my dis-ease . I have Bloomed into vibrant health with Carol's  healing support."

Abigail Thurston, LMT, .

Heart Remembrance! 

"This class was amazing- the information given was so helpful in explaining the craziness going on now; and the visuals for the process of clearing out the old 3D energy and integrating the new 5th dimension were absolutely wonderful ! They will be used again and again. Carol’s own energy has recently shifted to a much higher plane - and being in touch with it just makes me feel JOY that I have not felt, ever. It gives me true hope of a much brighter future filled with possibilities! And that is a HUGE change for me, Thank you Carol!!!" 

Donna Minassian

 "Coherent HeartMind" 

Join Carol Lovelee in this life changing program.  If you feel stuck in your life and are ready for lasting change listen now.  Carol and your soul tribe will support you in  this amazing life altering class

​Each class is packed with Carol's wisdom and expertise as a channel and energy practitioner. Don't miss this opportunity to learn and experience first hand from this profound master of all things energy. You will experience who you really are, how to connect with your inner and universal guidance.  You will also take part in channeled energy transmissions that specifically meet the needs of everyone listening, including you!      

Heart Remembrance! 

"I have known Carol for almost 6 years. In the beginning the idea that you can change your energy field was a very new concept for me.  Now I change and balance my energy field all the time, and I have Carol to thank!  The class on “Tuning Up Your Inner Wisdom” let me feel my soul, and the insights I gained during the heart opening exercise were truly amazing & healing." 

Barbara Bryson

Pin-Pointing the Debris! 

"Carol always guides me though energetic clearings by first connecting to our multi-dimensional healing teams. Then she intuitively assists me in releasing the multiple levels of angst that I knew were messing with my energetic body and causing pain, but I couldn’t pin point. 

The gift  for me is the welcome relief once these core issues are released and I no longer need to carry the burden of physical and emotional pain."

Christine Northrup 

Surprised in a good way!

"My energy has increased dramatically and my activity level has gone way up, but, more importantly, something has changed in my basic nature. The exciting part is an old friend remarked, 'what have you done? You are glowing and look like you are ready to dance across the room?' 

I have experienced reductions and eliminations of physical pains, gained both physical and emotional alignment, and learned a lot about myself. My body and soul have really appreciated working with Carol"

Bert Pflegel

Shinning Light!

"Carol is truly a remarkable person. The world needs more of her. Every day I am beyond grateful that she entered my life. I'm still very much a work in progress when it comes to staying true to my inner beauty and light, but I'm much better than I was before my work with Carol."


Attend this 4 live-class program,  Coherent HeartMind, a $400 value for only $67 today!

Your time is now. The New Earth needs you awake and ready for some awesome changes. It is easier than you think to become a clear, happy, manifesting dynamo!