Intuitive Quantum
   Exploration Classes

Intuitive Quantum Exploration Classes, Level 1, 2, 3, & 4

Do you want to Intuitively connect with the Magic all around YOU?

Are you wondering how connecting with the Quantum Field can help?

Are you new to all of this and wondering if you belong in this class?

Sometimes along the journey, we find ourselves feeling disconnected, from our life. Unsure how to move forward.  
We feel as if we’re in the dark looking outside ourselves for a light to guide us and show us the way. We forget that we have a light within that is the most brilliant magical light of all.

We need to learn how to Connect with Your Authentic Spirit. How to free yourself from outdated versions of yourself & life to connect with your Spirit and create the life you desire today.

What if your Innate Wisdom, Soul, and High Self, are just waiting for you to tap in so they can share the clarity of what steps to take, next. Steps that would assist you in overcoming fear and resistance to change, allowing you to let go and move forward into new beginnings with ease and grace.

We forget, or maybe we never knew, that we also have all kinds of unseen help along the way. Angels and guides that are just waiting for us to connect and give them permission to help.

This course is designed to transform your life by developing your intuition, connecting deeply with your personal power, while exploring all the unseen magic in the quantum field. You will learn to connect on a very deep level with your inner wisdom, angels, and guides. This will assist you in becoming a more spiritually evolved, living a higher dimensional life based in love.

Learning to use and build our intuitive skills is built into every level of this program. You may consider yourself a beginner or seasoned meditator, either way your intuitive gifts and abilities expand exponentially while practicing in a collective group of seekers. Trust me it does happen. Intuition is the part of you that allows you to be aware of all the information around you… The subtle energies that our conscious thinking mind is not aware of.

Our intuition guides us to see clearly, know with certainty, be aware of energy, and decipher what we are aware of.
When we develop our intuition life becomes fuller, we feel more alive and confident in being guided by our internal compass and spiritual awareness.

Intuitive Quantum Exploration is taught in 4 Levels.
Each Level is a closed group taught in 6 sessions every other week.
Each session is divided into new information, and experiential process
time to exercise your intuition muscle. Each level builds on the previous ones.

Level 1

This class lays the foundation for the program. We explore who are our guides, how do we connect, and what can they help us with. We also explore the history of the quantum field, new aspects of the field, how we can connect with and use the field every day to live a higher dimensional life based in love.

Level 2

At this level we dive in and explore what is our Subconscious, Higher Consciousness, Soul, Innate Wisdom, and High Self. How can these aspects help us, how do they work, and how do we learn to connect with them at a very deep level? So many questions, and some very amazing answers.

Experiencing a soul-centered life with your most capable divine self leading the way, knowing you have and an innate wisdom with your answers, and that you are always supported and guided by spirit, will help you feel more grounded, centered, and capable.

Level 3

Now we are ready to explore the Soul’s path to a highly evolved human consciousness. Does are DNA evolve? How do the Star Nation’s fit into the puzzle of our evolution? Who are the lemurians, what is the crystalline grid? Even why does Carol live with so many Crystals from Mt. Ida? How do the animals and Mother Earth fit into the picture of human evolution? And so much more!

Level 4

Now it is time to take everything we have learned and put it into practice. You still learn a few things along the way, yet the focus now is on… Connecting with Your Authentic Spirit – Practicing how to free yourself from outdated versions of yourself & life, to connect with your Spirit and create the life you desire today. Practice in a cohesive group of friends who are open to having more of the “Good Stuff” that life has to offer is Amazing!

Activating Your Inner Magic & Feeling Inspired in Life – You are now Awakened to a new way of living with your Spirit leading the way. This is the most genuine expression of yourself, awake, engaged and inspired with the Magic of Life!!!

You can now Trust Yourself to Know that you can navigate anything that comes your way in life and that you hold your answers, moving past the stress, overwhelm, and anxieties, and trust that you are loved and divinely guided on your journey.


Say Yes!

To a positive, collaborative relationship with your body’s inner wisdom.

To knowing the how and why behind ancient and modern day energy healing that facilitates wellness and enhances your ability to manifest your desires. 

To knowing how to calm the mind, and develop a connection with the wisdom of your heart, your innate, and your soul.  

To Living a Life with your mind and heart collaborating, guided by your internal wisdom.

Will your life change? Yes!

You will now have the your whole spiritual team reminding your body to heal. You will feel more alive confident, and creative. Amazing opportunities will spontaneously manifest.

Carol and your group will be supporting and guiding your process. You will discover the tools that work best for your unique journey.

Join in on the fun Today!

This is an in-person, hands-on class. If for any reason you need to join in from the comfort of your own home, you will have a Zoom login.

Each class has a focus area. Classes begin with Carol’s insights, energy transmissions, or activations. You will be able to interact and ask questions, the process in the second part of the class will be recorded. You will receive class notes & the recording for each class.

Find the schedule of all upcoming Intuitive Quantum classes on the Events page. Click Here

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