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I am passionate about helping you understand, manage, and shift your energy so you can quickly experience positive change and growth.  Taking good care of yourself is Key to a Happy, Healthy You!   Discover More

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Natural techniques to support your new life style. With a few new tools to calm the chaos you will be able to spend more time creating a life you Enjoy!   Discover More

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Enjoy Carol's latest tips on health and well being. They will assist you in calming the stressors of modern day life.  Find the latest in the Monthly Newsletter or connect with Carol on Facebook.   Discover More

In-Person Wellness Classes Minneapolis, MN

"Matrix Energetics & the Quantum Field"

​Catch the wave. We will refresh the beginning 2-point technique,
 and then add other fun ways of connecting and using the Quantum Field.
1/9/20, 7-9:00, $20

Find Your Calm: The Magic of Meditation
1/7/20, 7-8:30, $10

“The Magical Vibes of 2020”
Presenting at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community, 9am service 1/12/20
What a gift to be in a collective energy with all of you during a rare alignment

 of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn on 1/12/20. This only occurs once every
 735 years and carries life-changing, transformative energy,
 that will play a role in shaping the entire year and beyond.

Quantum Healing Class 2020
6 week ongoing Class starts 1/13/20, 7-9, $150

Master Quantum Healing Class
6 week ongoing Class starts 1/15/20, 7-9, $150

Reiki II Class
1/25/20, 9-5, $250

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