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Our soul is replenished by the abundance of the Fall harvest in our life.  We will celebrate with an evening of sharing stories, becoming one with nature, and a collective meditation with all the beautiful helpers from the unseen realms and a bit of magic. Join me in the sacred circle for an evening of reflection, rejuvenation, gratitude, fun, love, and hope!

I am so excited to once again bring us together to Celebrate in a Scared Circle!  What better time to gather for sacred sharing, connection with nature & meditation, than at the Fall Equinox. 

We will gather to Celebrate the Fall Equinox in September on Thursday, 9/22/22, 7-9pm.  The equinox energies of universal equilibrium and balance, set the stage of inner preparation toward more ease & grace in our life. 

We will honor the Autumn Equinox by harvesting your inner fruits of awareness and 
finding gratitude for the seeds that we have both reaped and sown. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All perceived mistakes become beautiful lessons when we hold gratitude in our hearts for what helped us grow and what we released. 

Our soul is replenished by the abundance of this Fall harvest in our life.  We will celebrate with an evening of sharing stories, becoming one with nature, and a collective meditation with all the beautiful helpers from the unseen realms and a bit of magic.

We will tap into many ancient secret mysteries as far back as the Pleiadian Starmother’s in Lemuria, Isis’s Temples of Initiates of ancient mysteries in Egypt, The Ladies of the Lake in Avalon, and the Grandmothers of many Native Cultures, and perhaps a few others. Women have been the holders of many intuitive magical mysteries of the unseen energies that have always guided us on our Earth walk. Not to worry if this is all new to you, just join in and perhaps experience a few magical moments as we celebrate are connection to all of life.

May your inner and outer harvest be bountiful!

Please come early if you can and enjoy the park. I will arrive at 6 to picnic and chat. You can also take a walk, kayak, canoe, paddleboard, or bike. You can bring your own equipment or rent through the Three Rivers Hyland Park website.

We will start the formal Celebration at 7pm. Bring a chair to sit in circle and a blanket to lay on the earth. Water, bug spray, & warmer outer layers will be helpful. I added a few pictures below to help you find us in the Park. Take your 1st left turn coming into the park, and we will be to the left of the pavilion. There is a compost restroom close by and restrooms in the main building. They will be open until the park closes at 10pm.

 As we feel the Sun’s & Moon’s rays on our face we learn to stand fully in the light of your own existence. Join me in an evening of reflection, rejuvenation, gratitude, fun, love, & hope, magic!

Register today at
Walk-in are Welcome!  (Cash would be best.
We may not be able to process credit at the park) 

Here are a few details to help you find us, & to make your Fall Equinox Celebration more enjoyable.

We will be outside so dress in layers in case the evening becomes chilly. 

For sure Bring a Chair, they are not provided.

Bring a blanket or yoga mat to lay on the Earth.

Bring a water bottle.

Bug spray may be useful.  

Fall schedule for Intuitive Quantum Exploration Level 1, and Level 4 Advanced

Don't miss out on the the amazing group adventure with like minded seekers!

“Intuitive Quantum Exploration”

Level 1

Class will be available in-person or on Zoom.

Wed   Sept  28th
Wed   Oct     5th 
Wed   Oct   19th
Wed   Nov   2nd
Wed   Nov   16th
Wed   Nov   30th

   Fee: $150 

Intuitive Quantum Exploration Class!

Level 1   

Over the years I have incorporated many different protocols into Intuitive Quantum Exploration.  

This Level 1 class lays the foundation for the program. We explore who are our guides, how do we connect, and what can they help us with. We also explore the history of the quantum field, new aspects of the field, how we can connect with and use the field every day to live a higher dimensional life based in love.

Each class is small ongoing class divided into new information & experiential processes and meditations.   We will focus on how to manifest energy shifts using the field of all possibilities.

We are all making conscious or unconscious choices in every moment that affect our health, finances, relationships, and well being. What if you learned to tap into the field in ways that shifted and enhanced your life?  What if you were part of an on-going group energy that increased the potentials of these new shifts and possibilities?

If this has peaked your curiosity, sign up now. The first 8 people to say YES are in for an incredible journey. This will not be a drop in class. It is only for those who commit to the ongoing closed group. The class includes 6 sessions, on Wednesday’s, 7-9, the fee is $150. Class dates are 9/28, 10/5, 10/19, 11/2, 11/16, 11/30.

If you have found this during a 6 week session that is already in progress, let me know if you are interested in this class and I will let you know as soon as a new one is scheduled.

Intuitive Quantum Exploration
Level 4 Advanced Fall

“Intuitive Quantum Exploration  Level 4  Advanced Class”

Tue Sep   27th
Tue Oct    11th 
Tue  Oct  25th
Tue  Nov   8th
Tue  Nov  29th
Tue  Dec    13st

   Fee: $150 

"Intuitive Quantum Exploration, Level 1 & 2 and level 3 are Prerequisites for Level 4, Advanced"

Intuitive Quantum Exploration 

Level 4 Advanced 

I am also teaching Intuitive Quantum, Level 4 Advanced. The beginning level 1, and the level 2, and 3, are prerequisites for this class. In level one we explored many new aspects of the quantum field available to us now.  In level 2 we looked at the quantum aspects of self; the Soul, High Self, Innate Wisdom, the spark of creator energy within all of us. In level 3 we took a deep dive into experiencing the unseen Star Nation energies. The energies with in and around us are now helping, more than ever, to help us create the life we choose.  What do they have to offer humanity and why?

Now it is time to take everything we have learned and put it into practice. You still learn a few things along the way, yet the focus now is on… Connecting with Your Authentic Spirit – Practicing how to free yourself from outdated versions of yourself & life, to connect with your Spirit and create the life you desire today. Practice in a cohesive group of friends who are open to having more of the “Good Stuff” that life has to offer is Amazing!

By saying YES you are in for another incredible journey! Like the previous classes this will not be a drop in class. It is only for those who commit to the ongoing closed group. The class includes 6 sessions, on Tuesday’s, 7-9, the fee is $150. Class dates are 9/27, 10/11, 10/25, 11/8, 11/29, 12/13.

“Intuitive Quantum Exploration Class,
 Level 2 will be available again in Jan 2023!

Class will be available in-person or on Zoom.

"Intuitive Quantum Exploration Level 1 is a Prerequisite, for Level 2."

   Fee: $150 

Intuitive Quantum Exploration Class Level 2!  

Intuitive Quantum Exploration Class, Level 2 takes us to a new level.  The beginning level 1, Quantum class is a prerequisite for this class. Once you have explored many new aspects of the quantum field, and a few of the unseen helpers from other dimensions, it is time to take your journey into the Quantum to the next level.

At this level we dive in and explore what is our Subconscious, Higher Consciousness, Soul, Innate Wisdom, and High Self. How can these aspects help us, how do they work, and how do we learn to connect with them at a very deep level? So many questions, and some very amazing answers.

Experiencing a soul-centered life with your most capable divine self leading the way, knowing you have and an innate wisdom with your answers, and that you are always supported and guided by spirit, will help you feel more grounded, centered, and capable.

We will continue to experience techniques to open your heart and all of your beautiful intuitive gifts. The new human and the new energies are all about choosing your open heart and totally embodying our Soul and High Self.

By saying YES you are in for another incredible journey! Like the previous class this will not be a drop in class. It is only for those who commit to the ongoing closed group. There will not be a Level 2 class in Jan 2022.

Reiki Classes

Reiki I Class     10/8/22, 9-5, Fee: $150             
                      Minneapolis, MN 

Reiki I Class 

Curious about what Reiki is all about? Want to increase your intuitive Skills? Are you wanting to learn a hands-on healing modality? Then this Reiki I certification class is for you. 

Reiki is a an amazingly simple, natural and safe method that everyone can use on themselves or others. Yet, it is powerful in it’s ability to promote healing. Reiki has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect.

For 25+ years, Carol, has successfully taught hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds, the beauty of Reiki. Join in Today and experience 1st hand what all the excitement is about!

Reiki II Class

In Reiki II you learn ancient symbols that increase the amount of energy you can channel, work specifically with the emotional body, and do distance sessions. If you are ready to go to the next level this is the class for you.  Most Reiki Practitioners wait until they have completed Reiki II before using Reiki professionally.  

Classes held at Lake Harriett Spiritual Community

I will be leading Mediation, the 3rd Tuesday every month,
in-person, 7-8:30pm, at LHSC
Fee: $10 (a portion of the fee goes to LHSC) You can just show up and pay at the door.

There are many ways to navigate & calm the fear & uncertainty. To feel centered & calm.

Has we come together energetically we form a powerful beacon of light and transformation. We are each being asked clear the old patterns of fear, so we can shine brightly with the energy of love. If time allows I might also include a few helpful energy techniques to release, calm, ground, and strengthen your energy field depending on the needs of the group.

The world needs you now, more than ever. This is the way to show up powerfully for yourself, your family, your community, and the world.

You can pre-registered ahead or just drop in and pay onsite. Register at:

We are meeting again in-person

Wellness Class at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community

2nd Thursday, 7-8:30pm
 Fee: $15

Would you like to learn a few new healing tools? Do you have something you need help healing? Join each month as we gather to learn, balance our energy, and have a bit of fun! No need to register you can just show up, and pay at the door.

Dive in... Learn to Balance & Enhance Your Energy!

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