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My work with Carol has helped me stop searching ​outside for answers that could only be found inside myself. I have connected with a side of myself that I didn't know existed.  I feel so much safer and at home in my body than I ever have before.
Life just keeps getting better now that I am in charge. 

Sue Braid

Director NYS Aging

​My energy has increased dramatically and my activity level has gone way up, but, more importantly, something has changed in my basic nature. The exciting part is an old friend remarked, 'what have you done? You are glowing and look like you are ready to dance across the room!
I have experienced reductions and eliminations of physical pains, gained both physical and emotional alignment, and learned a lot about myself.
My body and soul have really appreciated working with Carol.

Bert Pflegel


Even healers need healers to help sort through the unknown inner debris. I can always count on my body to shout loudly with a foggy head, the pain of a frozen shoulder, or swollen ankle until I remember to take care of me.
Working with Carol is like laying your head on a soft pillow. As I relax into my session I am often surprised at the core issues Carol intuitively taps into that I haven’t been able to pin point.
Carol always guides me in releasing multiple levels of angst that have been causing pain. Who would think that my shoulder pain was associated with carrying years of unresolved grief that I never fully released. The gift for me is the welcome relief once Carol helps me to energetically release these core issues. The result: I no longer need to carry the physical or emotional pain.
When I recommended Carol to friends I tell them she is a multi task professional. Her intuitive abilities allow her to quickly tap into the energetic emotional core of your health issues while they are being lovingly cleared from your field.
Pin-Pointing the Debris!

Christine Northrup

Mystic Healer

​I have known Carol for almost 6 years. In the beginning the idea that you can change your energy field was a very new concept for me. Now I change and balance my energy field all the time, and I have Carol to thank! The class on “Tuning Up Your Inner Wisdom” let me feel my soul, and the insights I gained during the heart opening exercise were truly amazing & healing.
With Carol's guidance I am now empowered to be my own self healer.    

Barbara Bryson


I remember the first time I learned of Carol, nearly 3 years ago. A dear friend asked if I was able to meet up with her one night after her energy session. I hadn’t seen my friend in quite some time and was curious to hear about her injury. As I approached the table where she was sitting, I noticed she appeared perfectly fine. It wasn’t until I inquired about her energy appointment that I learned my beautiful, kind, smart, fun, independent friend had just met with Carol Lovelee. Who in her words, “saved my life”.
I was intrigued not only because I tremendously cared to know what was happening with my friend that she needed saving, but because deep down I needed saving myself. As I sat across and listened to my friend, I realized in many ways I was sitting across from myself. As my friend described how lost, confused, defective, and lonely she felt, I felt I was the one talking. It was only a matter of minutes before the tears started flowing. As I hugged my friend goodbye that night, I asked her if she would mind sharing Carol’s number.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I believe that night I was meant to see my friend and learn of her despair, her strength, and most importantly this savior named Carol Lovelee. Carol is this warm light. She is full of objective love and radiates distinct truth. She has helped me to see I am so much more than what I feel; what others’ actions have prompted me to believe. She strengthened my connection to my inner self – the self that unconditionally loves me.
 Carol is a beacon of hope.  A safe haven when you need comforting and
she is sound reasoning when all seems senseless!


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