Private Energy Sessions

Customizing Your Journey

Sessions can be related to your unresolved health issues, relationship dynamics, work or financial challenges, and spiritual expansion. Several energy modalities may used during your session based on your specific needs. Every session is unique and intuitively guided to assist and support you.

  • Does the hectic pace of your life or your career leave you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Do you have a critical co-worker or family member that you dread having to talk to because they drain your energy?
  • Are you beginning to have stress-related health problems? 
  • Are you always worrying about your finances?

If so… Are you ready to learn new, easy, energy-based tools to help you feel more creative and energized? Would you like to activate a forcefield to prevent others from zapping you? Would you enjoy a relaxing hour designed to leave you feeling lighter and free of tension?

What if you felt excited about your work, enjoyed your relationships, and had a happier outlook on your life? I know you’d sign right up. 

Your energy sessions are designed to help you expand and re-calibrate your subtle energy systems so you can feel centered, relaxed, and confident. 

Retraining your energies will help you move you from confused, unwell, and tired to vibrant, happy and at peace. 

Imagine, feeling you can breathe freely and walk with your head held high because you’ve set down the weight on your shoulders.  If you are ready you can book an appointment here. 

Qualified In

I am Intuitively guided how and when to use which energy technique during your session, depending on your highest good in the moment.

Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is a creative and valuable approach to today’s health care needs. It was developed by Donna Eden, a pioneer in the Energy Medicine field.

Eden Energy Medicine uses muscle response testing or “energy testing” (adapted from Applied Kinesiology) involving light touch to assist in acquiring information on the state of the meridians, chakras, auric field, basic grid, celtic weave, five elements, triple warmer, radiant circuits, and general energy flow. The flow, balance, and harmony can be restored non-invasively and maintained by energy techniques involving tapping, massaging, twisting, connecting specific energy points on the skin, tracing or swirling the hand over the skin or along specific energy pathways. You can also use energy exercises or postures to help the movement of the energy fields towards a balanced state.

Matrix Energetics was developed by Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D. and is based on the principles of Quantum Physics. The universe is a matrix of energy that connects everything. Our energy field is a matrix that connects every proton and cell in our body, as well as connecting us to the Quantum Universal Energy Field.

Matrix Energetics gives us tools to find a point within the chaos of disease or stress, that when it shifts, allows for a collapse of the reality we are habitually expecting from life, creating the opportunity for new more useful potentials.

Crystal Solid State Broadcast Protocol also uses the Quantum Field to send balancing frequencies to all of life. It uses a Brass Plate Overlay Broadcasting System and programed crystal clusters to broadcast balancing frequencies through the quantum field toward a specific target. Energy testing or dowsing are also used with this modality. This system is being used to restore a healthy balance in humans, animals, food, water, and the earth. Some shifts with both of these Quantum energy modalities are immediate and others are more subtle or internal and happen over time. You can find more information on this modality here.

Reiki involves light touch on the body or in the energy field to identify energy imbalances in the biofields, which surround and penetrate the human body.  Reiki is a very calming and healing energy that replenishes the body when it is depleted by stress and disease.  I have been using and teaching Reiki I, Reiki II, and Master level classes since 1996.

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is another amazing energy tool that also empowers us to be part of our own healing process. By tapping on a series of acupressure points while repeating very specific phases you can decrease the emotional charge of significant events or phobias you may have in your life.

EFT has been applied to many emotional issues such as grief, anger, quilt, fears, phobia, trauma, stress, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

It helps by reducing the emotional upsets in life that may have known or unknown origins in the past. Since emotional stress can contribute to pain, disease, and physical aliments we also often find that EFT provides astonishing physical relief. EFT is a significant tool in the field of Energy Psychology.

Trauma Release or PTSD Release, is one of Carol’s specialties. Many clients have survived some kind of trauma in their life. What that trauma is can be very individual, and you get to decide what it is for you.  Many women have experienced some kind of trauma during pregnancy or childbirth. War, abuse, and car accidents can also leave deep emotional scars. Energy techniques can assist in releasing the emotional and sensory reactions to trauma, that keep it stuck wreaking havoc in our life.  Your story will always be your story, but once the angst is released it is only a story and not a nightmare.  

Past life Release and Reconnection with Your Gifts, is a technique that connects with your akashic record to discover information and details about all of your incarnations. Our akashic record carries all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent that has ever occurred in the past, present, or future.  Our DNA carries encoded information and patterns that continue to affect our lives, from others times and places. It is possible to clear old patterns as well as connect to useful wisdom and skill sets that we already know.  Carol has extensive training and years of experience helping clients discover, clear that which isn’t useful, and connect to that which is amazing. 

Lineage Release, uses the same techniques to clear lineage patterns from the past and into the future.  Much like past life patterns, most clients aren’t aware how these old patterns, from our ancestors, are affecting the now.  The benefits from these type of clearings is simply amazing.

Light Language Activations, uses language from the star nations to activate our cells, and DNA, so that we can hold and experience higher vibrations of love energy. Carol channels light language, either speaking or singing, that is specific to you and the momen

Session Details

60 min private session Fee: $100

90 min private session Fee: $150

60 min private Phone/internet session Fee: $100
 (your local phone charges may apply)

Gift Certificates for that someone special are available by clicking on BookNow.

For your convenience you may pay by cash or credit card.

Cancellation Policy:
24 hours advance notice is required to avoid being charged in full for a missed session. With 24 hour notice you can rebook your session through the link in your initial email. If you have an emergency after your 24 hour window you will need to call Carol at (518) 587-1661 to reschedule.

You will conveniently fill out the required intake forms before booking.  This saves us time during your session for concentrating on you.  For phone/internet appointments  leave your desired contact info on your intake form. 

Say yes... & start your journey to the life choose now.

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