Below you will find the text of what was shared at the Summer Solstice Celebration. I will leave this up for two weeks to give everyone a chance to read if they choose. Thanks for celebrating with us!

Here is what is happening today… an Expanded Consciousness of Love, Globally! The full spectrum of Goddess energies return in all it’s Glory! This Goddess energy will be fully balanced with the loving Full spectrum of masculine energies.

The Roselines, Dragonlines, and many other Ley Lines around the planet will be fully activated and upgraded in Pure Love! The Crystalline Earth grid will be upgraded along with the crystals and gems of the Earth. All of this will increase the influence of the Equinox and Solstice energy so that by the December Solstice 2024 we will have year round, harmony of energy around the earth for 200 years.

With your permission your cells and DNA will receive major upgrades, codes, and new templates to enhance living in your human body, in your 5th dimension photonic light body.  We will be moving from a carbon based body and world, into a crystalline body and world.

The energies of the Summer Solstice will for the first time Set in Stone the energies of Singularity on the Earth forever. No time no space, quantum life. Zero point field the Void.

We have moved through the portal for cleansing, rebirthing  and rejuvenation since May 14-26 2023. with Eclipses. The integration of this rebirthing continues through the Solstice energetic portal.

This is due to the extensive dragon line clearing through ley line and magnetic streams predominately in England.

The Roselines are opening once more and moving the black goo slug of dirty electric blockages from the dragon birthing chambers allowing for the dragon eggs to be laid once again.

This clearing held it’s highest spike point at the cosmic point of the Lion’s Gate 2022. We have cycled around to the next phase of the Roseline clearing.

The influx of solar energy and sol sun plasma, births itself along the Roseline sacred map within the stars. As the celestial highways, byways and swim lanes reflect the dragon laying patterns across the world once again.

Most predominately shinning forth from the United Kingdom and reflecting that across of your world.

The feminine energies are presented collectively as Queen Sophia, in conjunction with her, daughter of the flame Luna, the true organic moon.

The World’s increase in consciousness, Allows for the return of the true moon Luna. This now flourishes as a longterm seed point holding the blueprints within anti matter in full formations for the physicality of the moon, earth, and humanity. This begins at the Solstice point June 21, 2023. Ushering in the return of the divine feminine field in all of her glorious power and receptive creative magic.

The masculine forces of the solar energy step forth in a strength, that we have not known or seen, in the current epoch upon planet Earth. Vibrating with the energy, beyond Atlantis, and reminiscent of the early formation of Hyperborian, Acheron, Arcturian templates of early lemuria.

Though memory, and has you expand beyond linear thinking, into the awareness of what it truly means to go Galactic within the crystalline shifts and transformations,

You become a Quantum being, human being, and light being merged as one.

With the Queen Sophia and her Daughter of the Flame Luna the true moon brings power to the divine feminine understanding and awareness. She is receptive, nurturing, compassionate, and she is the greatest healer. Yet when combined with indigo fire she is a Warrior of Light.

This is the time when light workers become light warriors. The holy grail bloodline daughters of the phoenix flame become dragon riders. Along side the masculine fire walkers and those who fly through the rings of fire created by the crystalline mind.

It is Albus the White Dragon or Snow Dragon who flies along side the Pearlescent Rainbow dragon at this time. They work side by side holding the template form for the rainbow body of light.

The white pearl, is the enfoldment and the compressed time matrix. Giving us the keys to simultaneous time and the quantum field. The White pearl is passed to Celestina the Pearlescent Rainbow Dragon from the white dragon, For he holds the plasma true pearlescent light of creation.

When he passes this infinity pearl to the rainbow dragon Celestina “it is time within your physical reality for the singularity point to be set”. Know longer in flux but set as actuality.

Nothing is set in stone it is said and written, yet as the Summer Solstice point passes over the Roselines of the United Kingdom in the Greenwich timing, holding the Emerald Line Flame of sacred masculine fire, the singularity indeed becomes set in stone.

It becomes written. Within the stone of the space rocks and the meteors. within the earth stone, of crystals and rock and the very planetary sphere.

For this is Zero Point made manifest. June 21, 2023 is most significant and pivotal for your ascension process and light body crystalline transformation for all of us.

Since the May portal pathway of rebirthing you were set up for the balancing of the brain hemisphere of planet and galactic brain and human brain. This is your blueprint for genius seeding and you shall live it. “You are living it now”

As your activated male passes the pearl to our Queen, beloved Sophia as she rides Celestina the rainbow dragon at this time, you seal the deal for the singularity ascension and all that goes with it.

The energetic point for Heart Opening at 3:33 pm as the Goddess Lithia the spirit of the Summer Solstice, calls her Queen Sophia to take the pearl. The pearl is passed to the pearlescent rainbow dragon at exactly 3:33pm greenwich time United Kingdom. Thus it becomes ready for its release into your Galactic center.

Then your Galactic core shall stream forth the new particles from the grand central sun emanations through all epochs. Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea, and beyond into the future and source point.

This is the pearl that seals the singularity for ascension earth, into Giga.

Thus the rose gold flames rise as the presentation of that eternal flame of the morphogenetic field of the dragons breath. The golden dragon eggs are laid along the roselines of the United Kingdom though the sacred swim lanes of Avalon legend upon the Glastonbury Tor, and through the roselines network for Earth itself once again.

Therefore the rose shall bloom across our world and within our hearts. The rose shall bloom red, orange, gold, and rose gold, as the rose gold dragon comes forth into your planetary sphere in July and August 2023 and through the Lion’s Gate.

When Grids networks, & time and space, line up it activates a portals and vortices. Where they cross over like this and they look like fractalized roses energetically. When you stand in that space you go through a stargate that is a memory download, and light & information are downloaded.

We can have these anywhere, but when guided to go to a certain place, certain time, like the Solstice, it is like a charged up download, from the earth and the galactic, sun & moon. It can take time to unravel because it comes through as on monadic structure, that is like an entire library or a codex.

At the time of this solstice and at a geographical point in Scotland, the most powerful Stargate is being created there, than has ever been. The most fractalized energy being created within this rose vortex by all of these crisscrossing gridlines at that particular point.

At the lion’s gate 2022 there was a major clearing of all of these ley lines on the planet. Now that has allowed these node crossover points. You will get the highest memory downloads at the places where the crossover grid lines come together. The crossovers also hold magnetics so you can stand there and also receive healing.

The more in alignment your grid lines, and vortexes are open, the more you are able line up your own field, when you stand in these places you will feel the energies more powerfully.

In the south of England there is a seeding and a beginning, a birthing point that is allowing these energies to go through the planet. The one in Scotland is another the highest charged one on this Solstice.

Where you might think there is a sacred site is true. Yet sometimes the crossovers are so powerful that they are  hidden behind the veil. They are often a bit beyond the main sacred site. The core point isn’t where you think it is, it is a little bit out. You could use your own body to find it.

The Scotland one is a crossover of the Roseline that creates this strong vortex point. Some think this is the Rosslyn Chapel.

I think they are talking about Fortingall, Scotland. This is the site of the “Great Gathering” with the Essenes, that are Jesus’s Family, and followers. There were many others like the druids and ancient Avalon groups also in attendance.  His family came together to Celebrate the Summer Solstice with him, as a group, for the last time in AD32 in Fortingall, Scotland.

Soon after this gathering it was decided that it was know longer safe for the Mary & Jesus bloodline to live close together or to be known. The Roman’s were becoming very powerful at this times, and this power over masculine war energy and has been the predominate energy since that time. They scattered too many different countries and quietly continued the Essene & Roseline work. It is now time for the true Roselines to be activated once again.

In Fortingall, There is a set of three stone circles in the field, on the banks of the River Lyon, at the head of Glen Lyon. Each group once had 4 stones. At some point one stone in each group was buried.

A yew tree that at least is 5,000 years old. It is claimed to be the oldest tree in the UK, and possibly in Europe is in the quiet churchyard of Fortingall. There is also a hand bell dating from the 600’s.

The yew tree was revered by the Druids for its longevity and ability to regenerate: where they graze the ground, the branches of old trees will sometimes take root, creating a new tree. The early Christians saw the yew as a symbol of the Resurrection.

In Claire Heartsong, book “Anna, the Voice of the Magdalenes” Channeled info. Claire’s 1st book is “Anna the Grandmother of Jesus”  I would recommend reading them in order.

Sar’h age 24, in 32AD, the daughter of Yeshua and Mary of Bethany is speaking, from the Great Gathering in Fortingall, Scotland.

“Before we arrived, a great evergreen arbour was created for protection from the cold wind. Part of it incorporates the far-reaching arms of a very ancient yew tree.

There is a gurgling stream running through the green valley and ancient standing stone circles are scattered here and there.”

This crossover of the Roseline in Scotland will be at, At 3:33pm Greenwich time, 333 makes a rose, so you have rose portal the time portal. For us here it will be 9:33am.

There is significance of the Rose and the Mary & Jesus’s Royal bloodline. There is a legend that Joseph of Arimathea, Mother Mary’s brother, came to Britain and found the first church at Glastonbury. He planted his staff and this was where a thorn bush grew with spectacular roses that flowered at Christmas. These roses are of a Palestinian variety which is where Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus, the 3 Mary’s and the bloodline began. The Glastonbury Rose became a symbol of the Holy Family. The Glastonbury Rose is a symbol for both Mary and Jesus. The flower is described as a Christmas rose. 

The influx of solar energy and sol sun plasmic energy, births itself along the Roseline sacred map within the stars as the celestial pathways, highways, swim lanes, reflecting the dragon egg laying patterns across the world most predominately shining forth from the United Kingdom and reflecting this across the rest of your world. Dragon’s haven’t been able to lay eggs or if they do they are taken by someone else. Now we have multiple eggs and dragons are being safely birthed once again.

This is a metaphor for earth & cosmic frequency which is the dragon. The reason we use the dragon is because starseeds, awakened individuals, humanity set to awaken, have come into incarnation with these memories of other times and places. Within that would be the metaphor of the dragon, the story of the dragon, and actually dragons. They were real in multiple times. In those days there were dragons and we have the memory of this.

Now there is a new blueprinted structure in anti-matter for full presentation of LUNA as solar system update point June 21, 23, due to humanities awareness of the divine feminine and awakening to ancient knowledge of the Goddess. Humanities thoughts have put out the awareness of the Goddess and also focused humanity energy in the anti-matter grid, thoughts feeling and awareness has created the blueprint anti-matter structure. This will over time merge with the original organic moon and will know longer be hijackable. Same with earth. The organic physical earth and the anti-matter blueprint will merge together. So too for humanity. The anti-mater blueprint can be downloaded into the organic physical human in singularity time. Some will go with the upgrade and some will not. The awareness of this will be at critical mass on this solstice point for this to begin.

This is the time when light workers become light warriors. The worker of light is the individual who is aware of the energy of light and utilizes this for healing self, other, planetary, or galactic environment. Acquiring knowledge and the ability to upgrade and initiate true enlightenment and ascension.

The light warrior does all of the above and is missioned too also, clear, navigate, balance the negative micro and macro cosmically. There is if you will the battle or struggle rather than the vertical flowing rising at this time.

The light worker takes the path of surrender, and harmony and in some cases transcendence the light warrior takes the path of integration while standing as a shield for self, others, and the planetary environment.

So what did I just say???

The full embodiment of the Divine Feminine and Masculine energies returns in its full balance Glory today.

The moon, earth and humanity return to their true organic physicality and begin to merge with the anti-matter blueprint that is being downloaded today. Which is your 5th dimensional and beyond plasmic light body.

The Roselines, DragonLines, and ley lines around the earth have been cleared and reset to share love. The Roselines and energies of the Jesus, Mary bloodlines have been restored.

The crossover points on the ley lines that cross over a particular time, and place as a fractalized rose energy can now be used. And the strongest one ever is today at 3:33pm greenwich time, in Scotland, either at Fortingall or the Roseline Chapel.

The white pearl, which is the enfoldment and the compressed time matrix. Giving us the keys to simultaneous time and the quantum field… And the plasma true pearlescent light of creation combine at 3:33pm greenwich time to Seal in stone Simultaneous time and zero point on the Earth.

The the balancing of the brain hemisphere of planet and galactic brain and human brain our blueprint for genius seeding will be lived by the awakened ones. Can’t build New Earth with 3d brain.

Light workers become Light Warriors to help navigate these new dimensions and energies.

The crystalline grid, crystals, and amethyst in particular are receiving upgrades today. We are moving from carbon based earth and body to crystalline earth and body to hold the 5th dimension and above energies as the builders of New Earth.

The bloodline daughters of the phoenix flame become dragon riders.

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