Lion’s Gate Portal – 2023

The Lion’s Gate portal celebrates the sacred alignment between the Orion’s Sirius stars, the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, Earth, and our Sun. 

This cosmic portal amplifies our interstellar connections to the Universe, our star origins, and the remembrance of our Divine nature as universal beings. We are invited to enter the Lion’s Gate Portal with clarity, discernment, and strength of the heart. It is time for humanity to rise as empowered light beings and reach their highest potential!

The Lion’s Gate opened on July 26th, with the pivotal point being on today, 8/8 when the Star Sirius is seen on the horizon, in the morning before the Sun, and continues to be open until around August 12th.

Sirius is a fixed Star also know as the dog star, shines brighter than sun, it is our Spiritual Sun. In Egypt, the Star of the Goddess Isis, comes from Sirius. It is portal to the gods, portal of heaven, freedom, releasing limitations to feel free to express true self. The Lion’s, Dolphin and whales also are connected to Sirius.

The 3 Giza pyramids are in alignment with, the three largest stars of the Orions Belt, the Sirius Star and the Sphinx, which is facing in the direction of the Leo constellation. It did not have a pharos head when it was created it had a lion’s head.

In fact, based on scientific evidence, it is now believed that the Great Sphinx was constructed in the age of Leo, determined by the timeframe of construction and the direction of the sky that it faces – the constellation of Leo!

The Egyptians were master mathematicians whose calculations with astrological alignments were extremely precise and lined up with multiple structures on particular days, including that of Sirius and Orion’s belt.

Sirius represents spiritual awakening, abundance, spiritual expansion, illumination, & exploring synchronicites.

The star Sirius represents and energetic portal, a doorway that is an opportunity to enter into another dimension.

The zodiac sign of Leo represented by the lion is ruled by the Sun, expressed by creative expression, generosity, abundance, pride, power, and strength.

Right now is a ripe time for exposing your inner truth and gaining wisdom from your higher self, the stars, from your ancestors. This is happening during Leo season, the Ultimate Fire sign. Leo is self expression and showing yourself, it is not a time for hiding.

The Sun will also be in Leo. So this powerful energy during the Lion’s gate portal is amplifying our self-expression, amplifying the power of our authentic self. The power and potential of awakening to our true self as we transition into this New Earth energy.

8/8 is the Symbol of Infinity. Today the energy of Infinity is added to the mix with the Lion’s Gate Portal It is an infinite eternal, boundless, a limitless awakening activation, and expansion available to us all.

The 8 is for manifestation, abundance and prosperity your personnel power center in your solar plexus.

When you add the synchronistic 8/8 to the mix, all is magnified and it is a time heralded by great spiritual power!

In astrology, the eighth house symbolizes power, transformation, the occult, and sex.

In numerology eight represents a never ending and continuous cycle of energy circulating – it is infinite.

In Tarot, the eight is the “Strength” card, which features a woman taming a lion. She has the infinity symbol over her head, meaning her strength from within can overcome the most wild and ferocious of beasts.

Lion’s Gate is an accelerated energy, an activation, initiation where cosmic light, plasma light is pouring in. It is a powerful node point, in the awakening of humanity.

The Star Sirius has been thought of as the Spiritual Sun which is an immense source of light and initiation on the Spiritual plane. So our Sun and the Spiritual sun moving in coherence illuminate the pathways for awakening of enlightenment with cosmic solar light.

Today’s PORTAL is also an opening for the New Earth and Unifying the Divine Feminine Lotus Codes and the Divine Masculine grid of Golden Pyramids of this Planet.

Asil did a clearing and activation at the Bosnia Pyramid in July. During a challenging with the Elohim High Counsel of Angels. Is was shared that the Bosnia Pyramid is the oldest one on Earth and that in clearing and restoring the energy there during this visit at the time of the Summer Solstice it would bring the energetic grids between all the Pyramids on Earth back into alignment.

Certain places, nodal points on the energetic lines of this Earth, will be attuned to synchronize in frequency and collectively establish a higher frequency on this Earth. When this alignment happens the field that human consciousness is receiving from will operate at a higher frequency to allow the consciousness of humanity to evolve at an accelerated pace.

These nodal point will now serve humanity at large, consciousness at large, the evolution of humanity as a collective.

These nodal point pyramid energetic grids, will be receiving another clearing and upgrade of energy today.

Today the Powerful Cosmic Alignment of Orion’s Sirius Star aligning with the Earth, the Sun and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and the Great Sphinx, all line up at zero degrees in Leo on 8/8.

This opens a portal where the new energies of 2024 and beyond can come in, these energies are of oneness and union bringing in the next level.

On the larger macro level these are shifts that are happening on 8/8, and several including Asil, have discovered a world wide energetic pyramid system. We are now being asked to reconnect this grid of energy, that is mounted on the key energy ley lines of the planet.

This pyramid system has not been aligned and fully connected in eons and that is what is needed now. It is the divine masculine that is the grid holder and the space holder for the planet. This is one of the grids that is going to be activated within this Lion’s Gate portal this year.

The ancient ones came to this planet about 300,64 thousand BC and they were light beings, many of us know them, we have temples with their names. They came and built an incredible light system and energy grids to create harmony, balance and union. All of this has moved into disconnection and not union through the passing of the ages, and it is now returning back into its original oneness and that is what we are being asked to assist with today, On 8/8 when Sirius and Sun rise and connect with the energy of oneness and union again. 

It is time for us to remember, the times when it was all oneness at 300,64 thousand BC and then in another oneness alignment at 10,500 BC. At this time we are remembering the original codes and the wisdoms within this alignment.

The constellation of Orion is acknowledged as most significant by the ancient Egyptians because it was connected to Osiris the God of Eternal Life and the God of the Underworld. We are passing through this gate to go into that Union. Orion and Osiris are connected as one as well.

There is a lot of history with the Lion’s Gate. It is also about newness and new transformation and new cycles. The new 2024 energies are coming in and this will assist in activating this grid system anchoring and uniting the divine masculine Golden Pyramid System.

And then also the Divine Feminine the Goddess Lotus Codes. The Goddess has just like us been in woundedness and separation and disconnection. How many of you feel this???  Maybe not standing in your power or sharing your message walking in your truth. Don’t want to be visible and don’t know why. We carry these wounds of the divine feminine within us the priestess sisterhood wounds.

Maybe you aren’t stepping into who you are in the most expansive way you can. And you don’t know why?? A lot if it has to do with this disconnection with oneness.

The Goddess lotus has always been the symboled of the divine feminine. In the highest realms of light there is a temple of 10 thousand goddess is the shape of the lotus flower. Quan Yin and Saraswati in India, have the lotus as their symbol and have powerful connection with the lotus. The Goddess Isis is connected with the Blue lotus, and the Blue lotus healing codes.

So has we gather today on the 8/8. To return the divine masculine and divine feminine to its original oneness and unity on the planet and within ourselves.

The Unifying of the Lotus Codes creates the Foundation for the Golden Pyramids Grid System to Fully Activate and come Online again. It all Begins with our Coherent heart field coming together as ONE… 


This becomes the PORTAL for opening the New Earth and Unifying the Divine Feminine Lotus Codes and the Divine Masculine grid of Golden Pyramids of this Planet.

Together has a collective we will tap into the one heart coherence as we connect our hearts as one. This is the portal of the new Golden age, the New Earth.

We will activate this portal which will assist in activating and unifying the Golden pyramid system so this can move into the golden frequency, so we can come back into unity. We will then heal the divine masculine and divine feminine and the Goddess codes.

As this comes into Union, is creates a foundation for the next portals that are opening this year. This is now a journey into the 2023 portal code activations. the next one is 9/9, 10/10 and then culminates on 11/11. Which is a Stargate and opening to the new Golden Universe of Unification.

So the pyramid system is going to unify the masculine, the divine feminine will be unified with the lotus codes and then this creates the foundation for the new Golden Age.

for all of you who have been following the unfolding of the Dragon Energies as they come back into their full power, the White and the Black Dragon’s will unite the divine feminine and masculine today.

All of this a huge portal of energy today also assist you in unifying your divine masculine and divine feminine, your sacred union.

It is an inside job, this inner accession. It starts within as we create this field of unity. All of these steps, portals, assist you in stepping into your next level, into your oneness.

When you are in union you are stepping into your power and unlocking our sacred potential to shine your light and to break through into who you know you are to become. The woman that is standing in front of you, is you, and is just waiting to become one with you.

What are you calling in for your new projects, to heal, too manifest, to step into what you are calling in. What is opening up for you right now, to become more, to step onto your path of mastery, your divine purpose, your sacred mission. You are a light worker, a way shower, and a creator in this New Golden Age. You are so important to the golden age opening. The priestesses of New Earth, we are here to assist in the rise of the Golden Earth.

To Heal the wounds of the Divine Feminine Lineage

within Humanity and within Us.

Tonight will help you to heal and clear things that are in your lineage so you can step into your power. The highest codes and powerful portals happen when we come together as one. We are gridding this on the planet for all of life.

Close your eyes for a moment and connect with your heart. What is that song you are wanting to sing? What are you being called to do, to share on the planet? 

Have you been wanting to shut down, and hide, with your invisibility cloak on and not be seen. the path of the feminine is full of betrayal, and grief, and shamming. Causing us to not be heard or not create and ripples, hush and go underground.

This is a time to get clear, laser in on what is your Northstar. To assess the patterns that are playing out on default in your life. Then be honest wether your current patterns, habits are moving you on path you choose.

If not what steps do you change to assist your inner world and your outer world into resonance, into vibrational alignment to what you desire to see in your life.

Time to reveal at your soul level all that you truly came here to be as to remember yourself as divine, as source.

Clear your mind and awaken your heart and receive from source from your galactic family, guides, ascended masters receive the light to remember who are, and then act in alignment in coherence with this. To overflow blessings to positively flow uplift every aspect of your life.

Now it is time to rise together arm and arm, one community, and then one Earth. To step into who we truly know we are, as we step into the new. Time is now for you to step into your true balance your true potential our union and our divine feminine and masculine power.

There is an incoming wave of cosmic light and frequency almost like liquid light pouring in assist in the ongoing awakening of the consciousness of humanity. This is a powerful potential for wakening remembrance of the soul truth and brilliance within you.

Embrace your Wildly colorful and courageous Leo!You! Express yourself and allow yourself to play center stage in your own manifestations. Lean into generosity, love, light, abundance, and personal power!

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