Welcome to the “Tears to Giggles” Videos
Chapter 2: I’m So Stressed Out, Now What?
Thanks for Joining Me!

(Don’t worry there weren’t any video’s for Chapter 1, so you are at the beginning of the Videos)

* To make things easy to follow along there is a separate video web page for each Chapter.

* You will find the links for each web page at the beginning of the Chapter in the book.

* One technique may assist you with a variety of concerns in different chapters.

* When this occurred, for convenience, I listed the video a second time.

* The videos are arranged in the order of appearance in each Chapter.

Have fun exploring and don’t forget that you may need to try a variety of techniques for different situations.

Enjoy Clarity

Clear Anxiety and Calm the Storm

Importance of Grounding

Flighty and Forgetful to Clarity, Swollen Feet Relief,Spoon Feet for Polarity

Nature to the Rescue

Move Your Emotions

Melting Tension for Sleep

Emotional Calming with EFT

Hormonal Reset

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