Welcome to the “Tears to Giggles” Videos
Chapter 5: How can I Calm My Baby’s
 Upset Stomach?
Thanks for Joining Me!

* To make things easy to follow along there is a separate video web page for each Chapter.

* You will find the links for each web page at the beginning of the Chapter in the book.

* One technique may assist you with a variety of concerns in different chapters.

* When this occurred, for convenience, I listed the video a second time.

* The videos are arranged in the order of appearance in each Chapter.

Have fun exploring and don’t forget that you may need to try a variety of techniques for different situations.

Introduction to the Videos for “Tears to Giggles”

Introduction to Stomach Videos

Stomach Upset and Distress

Calming Nausea, Car Sickness, Car Seat Distress

Calm Stomach Upsets & Fullness

Resolve Stomach Challenges

Fix the Dizzies & Tummy Troubles & Calming Stomach Anxiety

Restoring Stomach

Figure 8’s for Calm and Health

What Can’t “You” Stomach?

Reducing Reflux, Heartburn, and Stomach Pain

Releasing Stomach Reflux & Heartburn and FreeDiaphragm Pain

Diarrhea and Constipation Relief

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