Can Crystals Help Us Heal?

In January I made the decision to stop my one medication. I knew from previous attempts, that my skin would react by going into a full blown crisis, but I was determined. With all of my healing tools I have had available for years, this has been my one hold out in my mission for health & vitality.

By April things were not looking or feeling good. I was on a mission to discover my next step. The Crystal Balancing Protocol was the modality I was looking for. I have been teaching and working with Quantum Healing since 2008. For years I have been shifting and balancing energy for myself and clients. I believe in the concept of shifting the connective web of energy or matrix in and around us to balance energy and restore health.

The Crystal Balancing Protocol also uses the Quantum Field to send balancing frequencies to all of life. A combination of Brass Plate Overlays and programed crystal clusters are used to broadcast balancing frequencies through the quantum field toward a specific target.

Energy testing or dowsing are also used with this modality to identify what is out of balance and how to best restore that balance. This system is being used to restore a healthy balance in humans, animals, food, water, and the earth. Some shifts are immediate and others are more subtle or internal and happen over time.

I jumped in first as a receiver of these balancing energies. I was amazed how quickly my skin responded, pain decreased, and my energy levels increased. Since it was my skin, I had a front row seat watching and feeling the results. It took about 7 weeks for 85% improvement from something that has been with me for 10 years. Yeah!!!!

Since then I have been working with others to help them also balance and restore health. What you are seeing in the picture is a crystal plate that is connected to a hub of plates all over the US. After an initial assessment I use a picture and birthdate of a client to target where the energies will be sent. I tap into the frequencies that they need in the hub using energy testing and dowsing. I have been very impressed by the results, and after years of working with many modalities, I don't impress easy. If you are curious click on the picture above. I am excited to see what this modality can help us all with,

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