Your Powerful Voice

Did you know just how powerful your voice is? The throat chakra, or energy vortex, is known as the manifesting channel. It is where the quantum and physical energies come together.

When you use your voice to speak it automatically starts the process of manifesting. There is power in the words you speak.


There is also a power in the words you speak in your head. We would like to believe that the words we think are harmless. After all they are only in our head and no one else can hear them. What you speak to yourself also starts the manifesting channel. I have always said, “your mind is your most powerful tool, be careful what you think.”

You always have a choice. You can use your voice to rant & rave and trash someone for the injustice you know they have committed, or you can use it to reinforce the goodness in them. Your inner voice can self-sabotage and beat you up for never getting it quite right, or it can empower you to do the best in every moment.

Your words can criticize and attack others for not getting right, according to your book of rules, and you will manifest more of that. The other choice is to drop your judgement, and open your heart so you can see the perfection in you and them. Then, you will manifest more of that.

You can surround yourself by a tribe that betrays and dis-empowers you with their words, or one that is not afraid to use their voice with integrity empowering the people in their life.

Will you use it to spend the day complaining, moaning, defending, belittling, and griping.


Will you use that powerful voice it to stand up and say;

“I want to be great, I want to count, I want to matter. I want to embody my mission. I am going for it. I am done playing small. I am unstoppable. This is my gift and I am going to give it my all. I am going to make a difference today!”

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