Why Can’t I Just Feel Better?

Is your self healer on Vacation? You were designed to self heal. You get a cut and it heals, you get a cold and after several days it goes away. When this amazing ability that we all have doesn’t work, and now we have a chronic challenge, what next?

The most typical response is to look outside ourselves for the answer.  We find an expert, give them detailed information about

our symptoms, and ask them to make them go away. Depending on where you turn for your advice, you may end up on medications, have a surgery, take tons of supplements, and instead of feeling better like so many others, you end up feeling even worse. You may start feeling like something else must be terribly wrong. You become frustrated, and worn out.

If this is you, your self-healer isn’t really on vacation, it is stuck in a pattern that really isn’t working for you. Here is a tool that you can use to begin to reset your stuck patterns.

The one tool I reach for first, is second nature for me now, but not always, I too had to learn. I ask my body what it is trying tell. Yes you read this correctly. I will sit down put my hand on whatever part of the body is inflicted and say, “What are you trying to tell me? What do we need to learn from this situation to get better?” Trust me all parts of you want to be well. It is your body’s innate desire to be healthy. Clear your mind, don’t judge what you hear, and you might just be surprised.

Just to give you a hint in most cases there is some emotion such as anger, sadness, fear, disappointment, or guilt that you haven’t taken the time to honor and feel. The energy of pain and illness is stuck, dense energy. Emotion is energy in motion and it allows movement. We have been conditioned to suppress and hide our feelings.

For example you may have learned that anger is bad and hurts, by witnessing or being the target someone else’s anger or rage as a child. You may have taken a vow to never be angry and hurt others with anger. You view anger as wrong and hurtful. So you stuff and try to deny your anger and guess what? That plays out in your physical body as dense painful disease.

You were right in not wanting to hurt anyone with your anger. Exploding your anger or rage on others and making everything about others isn’t a good way to express anger. Letting it build up inside you, hurts you.

Anger is also the flip side of your creative, expressive, get out and make your life happen energy. Your unexpressed feeling are trapped in your physical pain or disease and they are keeping you from expressing your amazing creative, “I can accomplish anything energy”.

Feelings are real and I am going to suggest that you learn how to honor them without hurting others. If you have suppressed anger, when the house is empty take out a tennis racquet and hit your bed with it, while vocalizing just what you are angry about. You can also jump up and down, stamp your feet, and shake your arms while vocalizing your anger. After you are done you may be surprised by the feeling of relief or lightness. You may need to do it more than once and certainly when new situations arise.

Anger, sadness, and fear are just energy that needs to be expresses in a safe way. Not learning how to do this leads to a dense build up in energy in the body. It has to go somewhere. You have spent way too long hiding, stuffing, and hating your feelings. That’s okay. Now it is time for a new healthier outlook and some new tools.

If you are someone who hasn’t felt your anger, sadness, or fear, in a long time, or you are afraid of what it may be like, I suggest you search out a trained professional to help you get started. Another great tool to use for expressing both old and new feelings is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. If you are new to EFT and safely expressing your feelings, please find a practitioner to help you get started.

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