How to Boost that 3pm Slump

Have you ever wondered what is causing that 3pm slump? You seem to have energy the rest of the day, but around 3pm your eyes feel heavy, and it seems like you brain is shutting down. For some taking a quick power nap boosts their energy. For others the kids are about to hit the door. For many a quick nap at 3pm would not go over very well with your boss.

Here is the interesting thing about how you are made. The energy meridians that help fuel all of your major organs have a high and a low point during the day. During that 3pm time your lung meridian is on siesta. It is at it lowest point. Surprise! Your body isn’t getting as much oxygen. Lower oxygen equals lower energy.

Kind of makes you wonder why some countries still take a siesta. In Italy much to my surprise the businesses still shut down. They didn’t really care what my western needs were. They went home to eat, rest and recharge. I just had to wait until they reopened.

So what can you do during your 3pm slump to save your job, or perk up your energy just before the kids arrive home from school? One thing is get up and move and stretch. Go outside for some fresh air.

You can also tap on K-27 or the collar-bone point. To find it trace your collar-bone to the middle and drop down and back just a bit. You will feel an indentation. Tap or thump it for a minute or so.

Then move right over your thymus in the middle of your high chest and tap or thump here.

Lastly move to your sides just below your arm pit, where your bra line is ladies, and thump or tap this spleen point.

All of this thumping and tapping is you interacting with your energy field and asking it to wake up. If it doesn’t you may really need that nap! Check it out and let me know your results.

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